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Their indexes were created from the original local registration books.

Laws for registration of births, deaths and marriages

This record was then copied to the office in Dublin for inclusion in the national index books. In some cases the copy was lost in transit to Dublin and is thus absent from the centralised national index. The record may still be found in the local indexes, many of which are available online at www.

Records for Northern Ireland

Between and births, marriages and deaths for all counties in Ireland, including what would become Northern Ireland, will be found in the national index described above. After Northern Ireland maintained its own records for civil registration. It is necessary to sign up and purchase credits to undertake a search. It was necessary to pay a fee to register a birth.

This was beyond the means of many poorer families and as such a birth could go unregistered. You were fined if a birth was registered late.

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In order to avoid the fine, some parents gave an incorrect date of birth for the child so that it fell within the period of registration. This means that a child that was 6 months old could be given a date of birth making them only 2 months old. It was the responsibility of the parish priest or minister to register marriages. In some cases the priest failed to register the event. It is not uncommon to find a death was not registered with the civil authorities.

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The Irish Ancestry Research Centre. Associate Researchers For. Please call or check the Web site before ordering to verify current fees and other information. Comments: Be sure to request a "full certificate" or a photocopy of the original birth record, both of which contain the date and place of birth, given name, sex, father's name and occupation, mother's name, informant of birth, date of registration and the signature of the Registrar.

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  2. Laws for registration of births, deaths and marriages.
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Application for an Irish Birth Certificate. Comments: Be sure to request a "full certificate" or a photocopy of the original death record, both of which contain date and place of death, name of deceased, sex, age sometimes approximate , occupation, cause of death, informant of death not necessarily a relative , date of registration and Registrar's name. Even today, Irish death records do not usually include a maiden name for married women or date of birth for the deceased.

Application for an Irish Death Certificate. Comments: Marriage records in the GRO are cross-listed under the surname of both the bride and groom. Be sure to request a "full certificate" or a photocopy of the original marriage record, which contains the date and place of marriage, names of bride and groom, age, marital status spinster, bachelor, widow, widower , occupation, place of residence at time of marriage, name and occupation of father of bride and groom, witnesses to marriage and clergyman who performed the ceremony.

Irish marriage records - what they tell you and where to find them

With both parents' surnames, finding a record of their marriage becomes a lot easier and, with that, your family history research can usually move back another generation. The date of birth should, however, be treated with a little caution. The longer the period between the birth and the date of registration, the more likelihood the date of birth is incorrect.

But some registrations that appear to have been recorded promptly after the birth may also be incorrect; families were fined if they recorded the birth outside set time limits so would register a false date of birth to avoid hefty penalties. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. My grandfather's birth was registered in Rosscarbery, co. Cork, on 20 February by his father who stated that his first child's arrival date was 13 February. It just so happens that I knew my grandad always celebrated his birthday on 20 January, and I later found his baptism record for 21 January, so the birth date is clearly incorrect, either deliberately or because someone had popped in for a swift half or six before the registration was made.

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Her farmer father, Thomas Tobin, registered the birth fifteen days later. He was illiterate and signed with an X his mark. This one shows Patrick, the illegitimate son of Julia Tierney, was born in Clogheen workhouse, co Tipperary on 14 August The birth was registered by the Chief Resident Officer of the Workhouse exactly six weeks later thereby avoiding a fine, so believe the birth date or don't!