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The American Culinary Foundation also offers apprenticeships.


Apprentices can learn just as much as, or more than, culinary arts students by going straight to work sites for training. As a apprentice, you may get a leg up transitioning into a leadership role if you network and make the right connections during your hands-on training. If you are a culinary arts student, however, it may be more of an uphill battle convincing restaurant owners to put you in charge of a kitchen fresh out of college.

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For a better chance of getting a job when you graduate, take a part-time job in a food service business while in school. Work your way up the ladder by offering to manage the kitchen and to make special dishes when the head chef goes on vacation.

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You should also seek the help of your college career counselor to find out when large food service companies, such as those that manage institutional dining facilities, come to campus to recruit. Some chefs believe that they will realize their full creative potential only by running their own restaurants.

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For novice chefs, the dream of opening a restaurant might seem like a distant possibility, especially given the high cost of operating such a business establishment. You can, however, get the ball rolling faster by using food service business models geared toward new food industry entrepreneurs, such as operating a food cart or food truck, or running a catering company. Such businesses require low start-up cash and allow you to make your mark on your local restaurant scene, even if you're fresh out of culinary school.

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Maya Black has been covering business, food, travel, cultural topics and decorating since Do you want to be a chef instructor? If you want to help teach the next generation of chefs, consider earning an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts first. This will help you gain the background you need in order to instruct your future students. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained on the ECPI.

Thinking About Culinary School? 4 Things You Should Know

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From Entry Level to Chef Instructor The pathway to becoming a chef instructor begins on your first day working in a commercial kitchen. What Goes into Chef Instructor Certification? They must also attend hours of Education Development courses which cover: Curriculum planning and development Evaluation and testing Teaching methodology Educational psychology In addition to a list of minimum work and education requirements, the American Culinary Federation requires candidates to pass written and practical tests of their knowledge and skills. An executive chef fulfills the same roles as a head chef, except that they tend to work more in hotels and larger establishments.

Their responsibilities are to not only cook food but also plan menus, estimate food costs, and supervise other members of staff.

How to Become a Chef

Becoming an executive chef requires a lot of hands-on training and at least three years of work experience. An executive chef almost always has some sort of ServSafe certificate.

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In-class training is available depending on which city you live in. If not, there is online training available at servsafe.