What makes a person look unique

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Thanks for reading Vipul. When you say losing self-control, what specifically are you referring to? Robert , You happen to be a great inspirational writer. This article was off the charts. I admire it that you have taken time to help people and move them closer to their goals. These qualities are truly the qualities everybody wishes to possess. Thanking you for this wonderful article, You have inspired me, a thing only a few can do. Wish you a happy and healthy life. Thank you for your kind words Anantim.

I look forward to seeing and hearing all about it. All the best to you! Well it is inspiring ,but d real test is applying ybeourself to all. As for developing determination and focus, I would check out essentialism by Greg mckeown. Robert Chen,I am from India and i read in class 9 and i want to be I. S officer from science and maths so how many hours i have to study please could you make a chart for me. I will be blessed for you. I am waiting for your comment. I would recommend working with your teachers to come up with a study plan to achieve your goal.

Good luck! Manzoor — I think it depends on how you define success. It could be the same thing if you define it that way. I read this list and while I found it very useful, I was also a bit overwhelmed with all the 30 qualities. What are the top qualities you would say in your own experience? Hi Mayo — it can be overwhelming to cultivate all the qualities at once. Your inclination to narrow it down to is a good one. Ideally, you want to cultivate all of these qualities. If you had to start somewhere, I would make sure you get clear on your aim and mission in life as that will direct your efforts and help you to make decisions for your time and energy.

This was a well put together list, and I found it interesting as I read each one how different aspects of life, professional, community, parenting, sprung to mind! During a time of transition now I will also have to concentrate on a few that I can feel faltering now as well.

Toxic People: 12 Things They Do and How to Deal with Them

Thank you! Wow, Great blog that you have posted. It is very informative. It is very useful for me. All the points are great and will be helpful for everyone. Carry on. Thank you for your rich compilation. I must commend you on focusing on the small and yet powerful traits that can potentially help accelerate our pace to success.

I have practicing some, and I must confess the results were immense.

Dear Robert.. Uh have stated there in the article.. All these points are working for me as a seperate tutor.. But I want to get acquainted with your viewpoint about 1 thing.. Thank you.. Thank you Karan — your question is an interesting one. Love to read about the lack of multi-tasking, which is an ever so important choice in our modern lifes. One thing that many of them seem to have in common, when we asked them, was that exercise is highly prioritized — and as this blog post tells — many of them likes to read!

Wow, this is a great list. But we can do our best to get aspiration from successful people, right? Your list basically covers all.. Great stuff. I can attest to the veracity of the noted traits contributing to overall success, financially, spiritually, emotionally and interpersonally.

Great reminder Tony to think and act for yourself. Thanks Tony! My life turn over from this evident…..!!!!

How To Answer "What Makes You Unique?" - Sample Answers Included

Robert, I had read hundreds of articles and many books in self-development and how to be successful. Believe me, this one is the best. Your are genius and the way you presented the informatons is very effective.

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  8. Really Thank you! Hi Robert Chen! I am an undergraduate student and have recently gone through your remarkable essay…first of all thanks for the guidance.. Thank you Amy — you bring up a great question. I think the ability to face challenges is an important one. To deep dive into facing challenges, you might want to check out my article on dealing with setbacks.

    Understanding What Makes a Person Unique: A Multipronged Approach

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments. I am going to have to leave it up to you to find those women role models who are missing from your on line material. But you could post my comments on on my behalf.

    Also you or someone you know and trust could spend just a few minutes on goggle and find examples of those amazing women. Biologist Rachel Carson who took on the pesticide companies on her landmark book Silent Spring, scientist Rosalie Bertell, a catholic nun who made the link between exposure to low levels of radiation and cancer and Karen Silkwood chemical technician and union activist who many suspect was murdered when she tried to make public documents that proved the company she worked for was exposing workers to multiple workplace hazards.


    Oh lordy there are many, many examples. I am too busy with my garden and building a house to do much more on this topic. I wish you the very best in your endeavors. Do you have any recommendations for novice blog writers? As you continue to write, find ways to learn how to improve your craft writing, blogging.