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If the Participant is a minor 17 years old or younger and a CPS Central Registry record check finds that the Attendant has a record of child abuse or neglect, the Attendant cannot receive Medicaid payment to work for you. This Central Registry record check will be performed only if the Participant is a minor. Box Richmond, VA www. Information about this procedure is available on the DSS website at www.

Can findings resulting from the LEIE background checks be appealed? You can find more information about appeals on the DMAS website at www. Background Checks and Appeals What background checks are completed on attendant applicants? Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe. For all individuals requiring a background check who have lived in other states during any part of the last five years there must be an abuse and neglect registry check completed in each of those states.

Background Checks

Please review the instructions on the chart and print and complete the form required by each state and return it to the Child Care Licensing Unit unless otherwise indicated. Please call our office with any questions in order to ensure this process is completed as quickly as possible as it could impact your ability to work in a child care program.

California is a closed state. The Department of Justice does not process inquiries for Employment or Volunteer purposes.

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Complete state form, enclose a copy of an ID card, driver's license or other identification, and submit. New Jersey. As part of the enrollment process, each applicant will provide the CBI unique ID assigned to their employer together with other identifying information. Applicant Instructions. Learn more about Colorado Fingerprinting. CBC exceptions are defined in Section 7. Where can I get fingerprinted? Instructions on how to proceed will be provided to applicants once they enroll and the appointment is made. Will I need a fingerprint card?

Physical fingerprint cards will not be accepted beginning October 24, Submitting the Fingerprint.

Where do I go to get fingerprinted? Applicants will be provided with the available locations and times to choose from when they are making their appointment online. Are minors who do not have a photo ID required to be fingerprinted? Colorado state law mandates that all employees hired on or after August 10, , at any licensed child care facility, except summer camps operating for less than 90 calendar days, shall complete an FBI background check in addition to the CBI and the Abuse and Neglect background checks.

Child care providers or prospective employees submit their fingerprint through Idemia via IdentoGO Centers or American BioIdentity via Colorado Fingerprinting , but must attach the required fees. What do I do if my fingerprints are rejected? The vendors, Idemia via IdentoGO Centers and American BioIdentity via Colorado Fingerprinting , will advise applicants when their fingerprints are rejected and provide them with instructions on how to be re-fingerprinted.

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What is a disposition and how do I obtain one? A disposition is the final outcome of a court case. To obtain a disposition, contact the court in which the case was heard and ask them for a certified copy of the disposition. You will need to give the court clerk the case number of the specific court case or provide your name, Social Security number, and date of birth. Click here to obtain a listing of court addresses and phone numbers. Why do several different people ask me for the dispositions for charges? They do not provide disposition copies to any other unit.

BIU provides Licensing with the outcome of the court case but they may need to see additional information provided on the final disposition copy to make a licensing decision. How long does the background check process take? Times vary according to what information is being requested and the number of charges involved.

Background Checks

On average, it takes weeks to gather all background information. If I am leaving one licensed facility to work in another licensed facility, do I need to be re-fingerprinted?

Yes, you do need to be re-fingerprinted.